Estate Planning

Wills: Not a lot going on? Don’t let that stop you. I’ve witnessed family members fight over items ranging from a priceless heirloom to a non-working timepiece from Walmart. Don’t let that happen to your family and loved ones. Get your will drafted to ensure there will be no family drama when you are no longer around to mediate the situation

Trusts: Are you a homeowner? Do you have multiple bank accounts? To keep the courts out of your business why not set your assets in a trust account? Many people believe that as long as they have a will then there will be no court interference. This is a common mistake. The courts can still step in and determine if the person named in the will to take ownership over your real estate is appropriate. You can avoid this court oversight by placing your property in a trust!

Power of Attorney: When you or a family member suffers from sickness or disease, it’s an unfortunate truth that you will or your family member will want to make sure all health and personal decisions are taken care of by a trusted individual. Don’t leave those important calls to nurses/doctors/bankers, make sure immediate attention is covered with a well drafted power of attorney