Law Office of Lisa L. Glenn makes it a top priority to target those of us who may not make enough to afford the unlimited billable hour attorney, but make too much to qualify for legal aid. Most attorneys will ask for an unreachable retainer in addition to an hourly rate which makes it impossible to budget for your attorneys fees as one month you may owe a few hundred and the next a few thousand. At the Law Office of Lisa L Glenn, we offer flat fees with reasonable and affordable down payments and monthly payment options. Meaning you know exactly what you will be paying and exactly how you will need to budget for our services.

The prices below gives approximate ranges for each service offered. Please note that all fees are based on the complexity of the matter and are subject to change to account for inflation and increases in office overhead.

DECEDENT ESTATES     Fee Range: $6,000-$9,000


  • Fee Range (Person Only): $3,000-$5,000
  • Fee Range (Person and Estate): $8,000-$15,000

ESTATE PLANS    Fee Range: $500-$5,000


  • Fee Range (for Buyer): $600-$800
  • Fee Range (for Seller): $450-$650